Google may release its next Pixel smartphones on October 5

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A recent set of leaks predicts that the launch of next Google Pixel smartphones may not be as far as you might think. According to a very renowned leaker, Google will be unveiling the second generation of its Pixel branded handsets on October 5.

The recent leaks came from a very established tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks), who boasts a respectable track-record for its authentic leaks. The tipster says that Google is looking to place two Pixel branded sets on the October 5 and both will be powered by a still unannounced Snapdragon processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836.

Earlier reports had us thinking that like the all other mainstream OEM manufacturers, Google was also going to ditch the traditionally famous fat-bezel design in favor of the sleek near bezel-less front. Samsung has already shifted to making large screened flagships with no bezels on the sides and almost minimal bezels to the top and bottom. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphones were manufactured keeping the same design point in mind.

A recent report about the Pixel smartphone, however, brought forward design pictures in which the bezels again seemed quite prominent. The experts are now of the opinion that of the two smartphones that are going to be launched by Google, the superior one might come with almost no bezels while the other one might have noticeable edges.

Electronics giant LG has reportedly been commissioned the task to manufacture the superior Pixel model, the 6-inch Pixel XL 2 while HTC would be developing the 5-inch Pixel 2 smartphone. Some reports even say that the HTC-manufactured Pixel although won’t be bezel-less but the users would actually be able to squeeze it just like we saw with the HTC U11.

Some leaks also say that there won’t be the standard headphones jack on the second generation Google Pixel smartphones either.

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