Google rolls out its Android app-shrinking tool

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Google’s has released its Android app-shrinking tool for the developers, which helps to shrink the app’s size and make it bearable for the smartphones. Google last year launched the Android app bundle, a publishing format that helps the developers to shrink the size of installed apps. This feature was in the beta stage before and now is available to all developers.

The shrinking tool now features new delivery options on demand, which controls which features are necessary for the app, and install only those features which are needed or in the background. There are other conditional options in the shrinking tool as well which controls the settings about which part of an app is needed to be installed by keeping in view three factors which are device features or minimum SDK version of the phone and user’s country.

This tool now supports Instant experiences as well, which means you only need to upload one object for your app and Google Play Instant experiences.

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According to Google, there are around 80,000 games and apps of various categories in production, which are using the app-shrinking feature. These apps are saving an average size of 20% leading to an 11% install uplift.

These figures suggest that users are willing to download and keep those apps that put less burden on their smartphones and those who will help them to eradicate that annoying storage full notification which everyone hates, that sickens those users who are hardcore app fans.

A tool like this is kind of a blessing in disguise for the game lovers, all the high-resolution games cover up a lot of space in the mobile phones due to which users cannot store apps and games simultaneously in their mobile phones. With games and apps coming in small sizes which cover fewer storage spaces will help users to save a lot more apps in their phones than before.

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