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Google shows off battery life improvements in Chrome in a new comparison video

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Google Chrome

Ever since Windows 10 came out, Microsoft has been boasting about battery life optimizations and memory management of their new browser, Edge. They even went so far as to make a comparison video showing off battery test of all popular browsers. Of course Edge came out on top in that test.

That video wasn’t taken too lightly by other players in the market, with Opera rebutting immediately with a blog post of their own. They used their homegrown stress test to assert the fact that Opera used least power while performing the same task as compared to Chrome and Edge.

One player that had remained suspiciously quiet through all this was Google. It didn’t accede to or tried to refute the claims made by Microsoft and Opera… until now. Google has finally struck back, releasing a comparison video via a post on the official Chrome blog.

The surprising aspect of this video is that they haven’t tried to directly compete with other browsers. They show the difference between the battery consumed by Google chrome version 46 and current version 53. Google claims an improvement of over two hours in battery life while streaming a video from Vimeo.

The twist is that they show these improvements while running the software off a Surface book, a device of Microsoft’s own offering. Although nothing is said explicitly, we can’t help but suspect that this is a silent response to Microsoft’s claims of Chrome’s poor performance in battery life department.

What remains to be seen now is whether we will see a response from Microsoft regarding this new development in the ongoing clash of browsers.

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