Google to launch new OS for Chromebooks

Written by Ali Leghari ·  52 sec read >

Tech Company Google is reportedly working on a redesigned OS for touchscreen Chromebooks. The company is planning to launch the new OS in near future, which will allow the users to use touchscreen Chromebooks with great ease and in fast pace mode. This new decision was made due to rising popularity of Google’s lightweight Chrome operating software.

The company has been working on this new project for a quite some time, and now has launched the teaser video so that tech enthusiasts take a sneak peek inside this new OS. The OS has a brand new launcher which is placed at the bottom of the screen with the search bar option.

Moreover, it is also catering few suggested apps at the bottom of the screen. One can also activate voice assistant with a single touch, allowing users to use new OS with much ease. The project is still is the initial stage and the company is working on it to make it more user-friendly. Furthermore, users can also swipe up the screen to view more apps.

The company has also recently launched a new update for its users, enabling the users to create things in virtual reality. The new update is basically an app dubbed as “Blocks”.

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Moving forward, in a bid to give more privacy to its users the tech giant has decided to stop scanning Gmail accounts of its users for ad targeting purpose.