Google was sued $5 billion for tracking users in incognito mode

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June 4, 2020
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Earlier this week, Google has been hit by a lawsuit under the class- action. As per the lawsuit, Google has been collecting the data of the users when they are browsing in a private or incognito mode. The privacy of millions of users was at stake by this tech giant. The lawsuit was claimed in the United States of America.

The company has been sued for about $5 billion and was filed in the court of San Jose, California, and States that Google has attained the ‘superstitious tracking’ of users via using different apps like Google Analytics, Google Ad manager, etc. The tech giant has also been using the plug-ins and Google sign-in button to track the user’s browsing activity.

According to the lawsuit: “Google practices infringe upon the privacy of the user’s privacy: intentionally deceive consumers; give Google and its employees power to learn intimate details about the lives of individuals, interest, and the usage of the internet done by the person; and make Google ‘one-stop shopping’ for any government, a private, or criminal actor who wants to undermine individual’s privacy, security, or freedom.”

Furthermore, as per the lawsuit, Google continually tracks, identifies and collects the information on the browsing activity of the users in real-time. This is in contravention of state and federal rules on wiretapping and besides that, it is also a violation of the right of the privacy of users.

The spokesperson of Google said in an interview that Google has all the information to support and defends itself. It has the potential to falsify the claims and allegations. Because it has been clearly stated that every time a person opens the privacy or incognito mode the tech giant can collect some information about the browsing information of the person.

This is not however the first allegation Google is facing for which it has been sued. There have been a couple of other times in the past when Google has been charged for collecting the data of the user. In 2019, a collective lawsuit was filed on the name of this tech giant by the UK stating Google tracks personal information of over 4 million users of iPhone. Besides that, another class-action lawsuit was filed against the company for about $13 million as the search engine giant was collecting data of the users via its “Street View project.”

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