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Google Will Soon Add Smart AI Features to its Search

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  56 sec read >
Google AI search
Not too far behind Microsoft, Google soon be ready to surprise the world with its very own AI web searching chatbot

Microsoft introduced AI search into Bing just a few weeks after its deal with OpenAI. Having a significant advantage over Google, Microsoft was quick with its execution and delivery of not just its Bing chatbot, but all of its other AI projects as well.

Google, who has been working on the ‘Magi’, a conversational AI bot, is not too far behind now. A report from ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and some leaked documents from ‘Google’ show that the company intends to introduce its own AI search chatbot similar to that of Microsoft Bing.

Google, however, will bring some major changes and offer a much greater personalization and diversity by introducing short videos and social media posts in the search results thus helping users find more than just conventional links to any topic.

The leaked document from Google shows that the company plans on making its AI search chatbot more “visual,” “snackable,” and “human.”

Google’s conversational AI bot ‘Magi’ aligns with the company’s leaked goal of creating a “visual,” “snackable,” and “human” chatbot. It’s reported that Google has paced up the development for ‘Magi’ and is trying to get it up to the level of ChatGPT-powered AI bot available in Bing.

It’s being reported that Google will officially reveal information about its new AI search functionalities at the Google I/O 2023, scheduled to be held on Wednesday, May 10.


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