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Apple Will Use More AI in Future Products: Tim Cook

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Speaking at the Apple Q2 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said that his company is interested to join in the AI industry and explore its potential

While tech giants such as Google and Microsoft have been fighting it out in the generative AI industry, Apple seems to have a laid off approach and is slow in its adaptation. However, the company has finally announced that it is interested in exploring the potential of AI and that it might add AI into its future products.

Speaking at the Apple Q2 earnings call, Apple CEO ‘Tim Cook’ admitted that the company is eager to explore the potential of AI by weaving it into more future products.

Following this announcement, Apple users can possibly expect their future devices to have some trendy AI features, maybe an Apple chatbot or maybe an AI camera feature, what do you think would be that one prominent feature that Apple plans to “weave” into its future devices?

Once completed with his announcement, Cook also announced that the company will however be cautious with their use of the AI technology. This is because the fast paced AI development has caused a lot of questions about its risks, particularly from the very people that were actively involved in building AI technology, this includes names such as ‘Geoffery Hinton’, a former Google employee and the ‘Godfather of AI’, who is now actively protesting against the technology.

Keeping the dangers of AI technology into consideration, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he believes that specific issues must be sorted before companies start releasing AI technology at massive scales.

Apple already has two AI features in its devices, these include crash detection and heart monitoring. Future AI features however will be released “on a very thoughtful basis”.


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