Google’s Gboard now makes it easy to find the perfect emoji

Written by Ali Raza ·  1 min read >
Google Chrome

Latest update to the Gboard keyboard for iOS and Android allows one to search for the right emojis simply by drawing them. The feature makes it easy to find the right emoji rather than having to go through the whole list of emojis just seeking to find the right one.

The use of emojis in communication keeps rising with each day. At the moment, there are thousands of emojis one can use for communication. The use of the crescent moon and praying hands has increased during the Ramadan period around the world. While this is good news for users, finding the right one has always been an issue. Google, with its Gboard keyboard for iOS and android, has come up with a solution to this headache.

In the latest update to the keyboard, Google has bundled in a new way of suggesting emojis and GIFs while composing messages. While there was a way to find the emoji one needs before, this new update allows one to search for the needed emoji by simply drawing the needed emoji. While composing a message, one simply hits the emoji button and a list of emojis shows up with the most used getting preference. With that, one can choose to search for the emoji with a button on the top right side of the keyboard. An open dialog with a pencil in the middle will show up. Simply draw the emoji needed and the emojis closest to the drawing you will show up. Even as one draws, the emojis keep changing to match the stage of the emoji being drawn.

The new update comes about after research based on artificial intelligence using such tools as Autodraw in the recognition of the drawings made. Users will be happy to know that they do not need to be experts at drawing to get the needed results. Simply drawing a round face with two ears on it will suggest the available faces of a cat.

Together with the emoji suggestions are improvements in the way the keyboard reads phrases and suggests other phrases. Rather suggesting a simple word, the new keyboard suggests whole phrases for quick typing.