Google’s new encryption layer is called “EID”

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Google EID

Google names one of its encryption framework as EID. Abbreviated for Ephemeral IDs, the framework is being open-sourced for Google’s beacon platform, Eddystone, and will soon be available on GitHub.

Eddystone is Google’s open source Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon format. The platform enables developers to work with beacons to transmit location based content to users’ smartphones. For instance, a user can receive the menu on his/her phone the moment he/she walks into a restaurant or an event ticket bar-code when they arrive at a paid venue.

EID allows a user to manage access to beacon signals. When using multiple beacons, hackers can spoof their location and thus, respective information. According to Google, EIDs will create a safer infrastructure for beacons to exchange information. Only the developer shall have access to beacon signal, not only providing a personalized experience but also more secure transmission.

Source: Google Developers’ Blog

Written by Asra Rizwan
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