Here is how you can use Google Assistant to identify any song

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A new update to the Google Assistant now enables it to identify any song or music being played nearby. Here is how you can do it.

The rapid advancement in the field of technology has completely changed the way we’ve been living our lives. The smart assistant from Google, the Google Assistant can do personal scheduling, text messaging and a lot of other tasks too. It can now even be used to identify different songs and music tracks being played in one’s surrounding.

A new update incorporated the said feature into the default Google Assistant application. In order to access this Shazam-like feature from within the Google Assistant application, the users just have to say “what song is this?” or “what song is playing?” Once the command is delivered, the Google Assistant will take a few seconds to recognize the song it hears and will show a pop-up with the name of the song, different streaming links and sometimes even its lyrics.

Google Assistant Music Identification
In some cases, especially when a considerably loud song is being played nearby, Google Assistant will automatically add “What’s this song?” question as the first suggestion in the Google Assistant application. You can just tap on the question and it will bring out the desired results to you. Considering that this feature is in its early stages, you might experience some lags but the feature will certainly perfect over time.

The update was first released to the Google Assistants on Google Pixel devices in US, earlier this month and it might take a while before the update is made available to the rest of devices located elsewhere. If you have a Google Assistant installed on your device, you can try this feature right now. Otherwise, you can download the application for Android from Play Store and for iOS devices from Apple Store.

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