Here’s how different university students fared in Arbisoft’s recruitment test

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As we embrace the new normal of remote working, testing mechanisms are also rapidly developing, and students are becoming accustomed to giving tests at their own homes. Arbisoft conducted an initial recruitment for different university students where everyone had to solve 30 MCQs consisting of different subjects’ questions like mathematics, critical thinking and more. Arbisoft’s CEO Yasser Bashir later shared the results on how different universities performed at the test.

Given below is a graph showing the results:

More than 50 universities’ students were part of the initial exam. Total students from each university alongside the average scores taken by students in that varsity are shared in the graph above. NUCES and COMSATS individually had more students than majority other universities whereas LUMS had the highest average score of 18 in the test. That is not to say that they are the brightest because only sixty-five students gave the test but gives a good overview of how each university stacks up against the other in the exam.

The same graph can also be looked at, in a different way like this as shared by the CEO:

Yasser also shared that over 3000 students gave the test and only those who solved the questions themselves were able to attain high marks. The highest score in the exam was 27/30 as per the CEO.

Do you think online testing mechanisms are progressing well to cater to the needs of candidates and institutions alike?

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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