Here’s what went down in fourth edition of Kickstart’s Purple Cow

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Many different and emerging startups presented their ideas at the fourth edition of Purple Cow held at Kickstart cow-working space.

What is Purple Cow?

Purple Cow is an initiative of TEC (The Entrepreneurs Collective) and Kickstart Co-working space which provides the entrepreneurial community a platform to share, learn and grow together. First edition of the event was organized at the launch of Kickstart 2.0 location. The fourth edition of the event was held at 18th of this month and included 5 startups which presented their ideas in front of the attending audience.

It provides an excellent stage for startups to present their ideas to a receptive audience and get feedback to further polish and enhance their platform.

Startups which attended the fourth edition of Purple Cow

Following startups were part of the fourth edition of Purple Cow:

A brief detail about all the startups is:


Calivu is a social media platform for health conscious people. It is currently available as an Android application and offers a multitude of different features for people looking to eat and live healthy. It allows users to share recipes, exercise routines and much more. But perhaps the most interesting feature of Calivu is that it offers users to subscribe to Calivu’s kitchen service and get tailored food for their physique and goals they have set for themselves. The cool part is that the food you are getting is not all green, low-fat food. Calivu offers you regular food, like Biriyani, Karahi etc., but they make them at a reduced calorie count. This means that you can eat what you want, and still remain healthy.


Nazdeeq is an online platform which helps users in Pakistan order stuff from international online stores like While currently only Amazon is supported, Nazdeeq hopes to extend its support for other online commerce sites. Nazdeeq hooks on to Amazon’s web interface and comes into action when you click on checkout. It takes you to another page where you can see a breakdown of all the costs associated with importing the item(s) you selected to Pakistan. Nazdeeq claims that all the cost that you see while ordering, is what you will pay for the product. Nothing less, nothing more.


Aitomation automates repetitive tasks on a computer with the use of software just like the robots have done for the industrial sector. It claims to be different from many other companies by providing customized solutions to all its clients. It works as a subscription based service and charges on a model based on the number of actions required by a human to do a job which is up for automation.


DIYGeeks is not exactly a new startup, but it is the one which is probably the most forward-thinking and important for future. It encourages children and young students to get their hands dirty with technology and build awesome stuff out of raw material that DIYGeeks provide. In addition to providing specialized kits to children and students, DIYGeeks also help engineering students get their hands on development kits and equipment which is not readily available in Pakistan.


Sehat is another platform which is not exactly new but is still bringing new things to the entrepreneurial scene. Sehat is the Pakistan’s first online Pharmacy and offers both regular and prescription drugs to customers all across Pakistan. Users can send their prescription to Sehat via email or WhatsApp and it will deliver the drugs to their doorstep. This helps users get certified and original medicines even in those areas where no trustworthy physical pharmacy is available. Sehat also laid out their plans for a first aid kit, customized with a QR code to their site, which includes all the necessary items to cope with a medical emergency.

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