Here’s why thousands of Swedes are embedding microchips under their skin

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June 27, 2018
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Thousands of people in Sweden have totally abandoned their wallets to insert microchips under their skin. These chips enable them to unlock doors or make credit card payments. Overtime, the implant will be able to do much more than this.

Another option is to use smartphones to make payments but you always have the stress of being hacked, which in this case is eliminated.

Over 3,500 Swedes have gotten this Near Field Communication (NFC) chip implanted which is not unique for Swedes as Sweden has always embraced everything digital much more than anywhere else. These chips are almost the same size as a grain of rice and they are implanted right under the skin between forefinger and thumb.

Swedish Government has invested a lot in technology infrastructure over the past two decades. Swedish economy shows massive digital exports, digital tech innovations and digital services. When it comes to export of digital products, Sweden is at the top spot.

There might be a drawback to it as NFC chips can give corporations a lot of information about you such as your location and the amount of time you are spending anywhere. This information can be used by advertisers to target their potential customers.

Since Sweden has a history of sharing of personal information, this might be the reason Swedes have accepted the idea much more than any other country.

Would you also prefer to get the microchip embedded under your skin or you would rather take the wallet everywhere? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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