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By Nada Zain on May 30, 2014  -   Like us now!, one of the biggest e-commerce sites of Pakistan was down for maintenance since yesterday night. TechJuice called up the CEO of the site, Shayaan Tahir for the details.

Fortunately, it was not a DoS attack or anything of that sort. Shayan told us that the site was under the process of upgrade when the developers faced a little hiccup. Some of the database crashed and an important data table was lost. However, the Home Shopping users need not to worry, the databases of customers and their orders wasn’t lost and are still intact. The orders that were placed over the last few days are in process as usual. None of the customers’ info was lost either.

The loss was related to product information and some updates from the last 5 days. Due to some reason the site doesn’t have the backup of that information and all of it would be entered again manually.
During the downtime, an apology message was visible to the site visitors telling them that the site is down for maintenance and the e-shoppers could alternatively call HomeShopping’s toll free number to place their orders.

UPDATE: The site just came back online and is running normally now.

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  • mustafaneguib

    It is very unfortunate that pakistani companies do not have an emergency plan regarding the safe keeping of data. Regular backups should be mandatory. Things can not be left to chance. Also there should be a chain of command as to who has access to the database. Just think if their customer database would have been lost, then that would have been a disaster for the company.

  • ahmed

    Hello, is homeshopping better or shophive ?Nada Zain , an article comparing all the online shopping portal with price, area covered, security, products covered , will be worth reading.. thanks