How Come The Stolen Bentley Reached Karachi From London?

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

According to Metropolitan Police (Met Police), New Scotland Yard, and London officials, a Bentley Mulsanne was stolen from Leicester Gardens W2 in London on October 19, 2019. Afterward, the officials started an investigation to recover Bentley.

Therefore, the world learned about it when a story was published for the first time in Business Recorder on September 3, 2022. However, Met Police officials could not explain why it took 22 months to locate the stolen Bentley. However, Bentley has an excellent tracking system, which
the officials can use it to locate Bentley and alert about its location via GPS.

Hence, on July 27, 2021, NCA sent a letter to Muhammad Saqif Saeed, the then collector of customs enforcement, and shared the details of the vehicle and location. Meanwhile, the stolen Bentley was on 15-B South 10th Street DHA Karachi. Alas, they recovered the stolen vehicle from the location NCA hinted on August 30, 2022. At this time, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was in office.

Moreover, the customs officials dismissed having any external pressure to continue the case, which is why they took 14 months to recover the stolen vehicle. Likewise, they said that NCA officials sent this letter to the then collector in person, so the department has no information regarding the letter.

Thus, the sources claim they transported the stolen Bentley Mulsanne to Antwerp, Belgium, via Paris, France. Bentley was shipped to Karachi from the port of Antwerp when they completed all legal formalities.

There is confusion regarding how the Bentley Mulsanne reached Karachi port in November 2019. The transit time between London to Antwerp, Belgium, via Paris, France, and then the port of Antwerp to Karachi is 40 days. According to this estimation, the stolen car was supposed to
reach in early December 2019.

The custom department claims that because of this, they did not allow the clearance of any vehicle imported from the United Kingdom. Yet without proper verification by concerned authorities in the UK.

But, the case report customs department prepared claims that the vehicle arrived at Karachi port in November 2019, and Navaid Yamin cleared it on December 7, 2019. Navaid Yamin cleared it using the exemption certificate issued to the previous Bulgarian ambassador Alexander Parashkevov. Besides, the UK imported Bentley from Belgium, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued this certificate.

Although, when they asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Bulgaria confirmed that Alexander Parashkevov was not a member of the Bulgarian diplomatic service. MFA, Bulgaria states that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan deregistered the vehicle last year.

In the registry, the vehicle is under the name of Alexander Parashkevov, the Ambassador of Bulgaria in Islamabad, from September 2019-September 2020. But, Bentley still contains the registration number (BRS-279) with the Sindh Excise department in the name of Alexander.


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