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How innovative technology products are helping Pakistani businesses grow

Written by Shahrukh Mian ·  2 min read >
Realising Digital Pakistan

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that technology has successfully pegged itself to the evolution of the human race and has managed to become an indispensable asset. The lightning fast changes happening on the technological front has pushed businesses to integrate technology into their systems in order to taste the sweet wine of success.

Pakistan is also among the countries that are investing heavily in the Information Technology (IT) revolution and local businesses have been quick to adopt technology in all its glory. Here are some technology-based solutions introduced by some companies in Pakistan, that have helped them improve different aspects of their businesses.

1. Paint Business – Recently ICI Dulux, a renowned paint company, launched the latest version of its Visualizer app for iOS and Android. This smartphone application allows customers to see, share and paint in their favourite colors in real time. The app works by combining augmented reality and video visualization to show colors on a wall in real time.

Consumers have the option to capture a video of their walls and go through a vast variety of colour combinations. If a consumer comes across a colour that catches their fancy, they can use the inventive Colour Picker technology to try the colours on their walls through their mobile phones in the blink of an eye.

But this is not all. Once a consumer has found an ideal wall colour for his room, they can find a Dulux store nearby via the store locator function. The Visualizer also allows users to share colour combinations with family and friends on social media.

2. Land Business – Pakistan’s largest online property portal,, has completely digitized the property market of Pakistan. The portal has recently launched a ‘Super Hot Property’ feature, which allows advertisers with the space to gain 20 times more exposure on their properties as compared to basic listings.
It also offers HD videos and high-resolution photographs of any property that is part of the portal’s database.
This particular feature saves precious time for buyers who just have to go online and search for a property of their choice.

3. Food and Beverages Business – Most Nestle products are milk-based items. Contrary to the sales of Nestle products, the supply can register big variations even within a year. Previously, Nestle made production plans in advance for each month, based on previous numbers. But the method could not minimize milk wastage as effectively as they wanted.

So, Nestle hired the IT company Techlogix to improve their milk supply process with the help of technology. The resulting algorithms created by the IT company maintained an up-to-date planning and scheduling circle. The algorithm generated reports which allowed the production team to keep an eye on the production process that included bulk produced, stock keeping units produced, plant and line capacities and other related processes. As a result, Nestle now receives updated statistics regarding their production in a matter of hours rather than days, altering their plans accordingly. The innovative production plan is also accurate and precise, thus reducing both costs and wastage of milk.

The success achieved by these companies in a short span of time is a testament to the positive impact that technology can have on modern businesses. A closer look at the relationship between technology and businesses makes it very clear that technology will maintain its indispensability for governments and businesses around the world. Therefore, Pakistani companies need to realize that if they wish to introduce more variety to their work environment they have to embrace the IT revolution in its entirety. This step will most likely improve the industrial output while cutting costs by a big margin.

Written by Shahrukh Mian
Khan Babrak Yousafzai is a journalist and a real estate analyst. He has a keen eye for the UAE property market and occasionally writes travelogues of his adventures about less travelled places. He is a writer by day and an avid reader by night. Profile