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How will the Peace Cable Project Will Benefit Pakistan?

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Peace Cable

Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) is a 12,000 km long cable system that will provide customers with open, flexible, and carrier-neutral services. Moreover, to transmit 16 Tbps per fiber pair while adopting the latest 200G and WSS technology. The PEACE Pakistan Egypt segment connects Karachi, Pakistan, and Zafarana, Egypt, covering a total length of 5,800 km.

The Mediterranean segment of PEACE also links Marseille, France, to Abu Talat, Egypt, a 3,200km long project. It connects the three most populated continents of the world Asia, Africa, and Europe, and has also completed RFS in March 2022. So, the route from Pakistan to France of the PEACE cable system is now entirely constructed well and ready for use. PEACE Cable and Cybernet signed a landing agreement in 2019.

Wu Qianjun, Vice president of Hengtong Group and CEO of PEACE Cable, said that PEACE is China’s first privately owned submarine cable system. The aim of the PEACE project as a strategic pivot for the HENG TONG Group is to gain experience as a subsea cable investor. Furthermore, we look forward to discovering new investment opportunities in this market.

On the other hand, Wu Qianjun said that the company is pleased to cooperate with Cybernet as their landing partner in Pakistan for PEACE. The credit goes to the power of this cooperation; the deployment and commercialization of better connectivity between Asia, Africa, and Europe are expected in the future.

Cybernet has almost 22 years of experience building and running fiber broadband operations, IP/MPLS networks, and cloud-optimized data centers across the country. Cybernet built Pakistan’s first carrier-neutral cable landing station for PEACE cable. Since Cybernet is one of Pakistan’s oldest ISPs, the PEACE Cable Landing Station Partner in Pakistan has appointed it with the task of deploying PEACE Pakistan Cable Landing Station (CLS) and looking over its operations.


PEACE is now under construction for the Singapore extension, which will lead to expanding the coverage of the PEACE cable system to Southeast Asia. Furthermore, it will increase the worth of the PEACE cable system’s network resources, developing an essential Asia-Europe interconnection channel connecting Singapore, the Southeast Asian international circuit transfer center, and France, the European transfer center.

Maroof Ali Shahani, the current chief operating officer of Cybernet, said that the critical segment of the PEACE submarine cable system from Pakistan to France is completed, which means the completion of an essential component of the PEACE submarine cable system from Pakistan to France. This project will primarily affect the digital landscape in Pakistan.

Hence it will provide a friendly environment for businesses and consumers, which was our goal. Likewise, this cable system will help our fellow citizens to maintain a connection with the world, which is continuously technologically evolving every second.