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HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4

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HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4

The HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are the most talked about phones in the market right now. Both of these phones provide amazing features. But which one is better?

Lets take a look at the main specs in order to arrive at a conclusion.

HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4


Specification Comparison

Both of the phones are packed with remarkable features most of them are similar though. The Galaxy S4 has a bigger display than the One. The resolution is same. But HTC one has a better pixel-density, which means that the HTC One’s display is clearer looking than S4’s display. This gives a great advantage to HTC One.

HTC One provides the clearest display right now. Even Apple’s retina display is less crispy than HTC one’s display. S4 users don’t feel bad because after the HTC One the S4’s display is the second best in the market it is also better then Apple’s Retina.

When we talk about Operating Systems the Galaxy S4 has a newer version of Android. It has 4.2.2 while the HTC One has 4.1.2. At this year’s Google I/O developer conference they released a stock android version for the Galaxy S4. Stock android means that android is not themed with any other interfaces like Touchwiz or Sense. This made everyone absolutely excited about the S4.

HTC One is not staying behind; we are hearing rumors that HTC is also coming up with Stock Android variant of their beautiful HTC One.

Remaining Specs are almost the same both have 2 gigabytes of RAM and come in 32/64 storage options. When it comes to processing Galaxy S4 has really outdone itself with its 1.6 GHz Octa-core (8 cores) processor it has shown what processing really is. You can also get the S4 with 1.9 Quad-core Processor. The HTC one has a 1.7 GHz Quad-core processor but they have optimized it marvelously. It gives the performance, which other Quad-core phones fail to give. Both of the phones have NFC and LTE support.

The next big difference between the phones is in the camera. Galaxy S4 has a 13 mega-pixel camera, which takes some great photos, but it is not as good as the HTC One’s Ultra Pixel camera.

HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4

Design comparison

When it comes to the body. HTC has outdone everyone even Apple, this is the most good looking Android Device we have ever seen. The beautiful design of the HTC proves how much effort this Taiwanese Company has put in this phone. It is the best looking phone yet. The slight curve on its back gives a grip to hold it. The color fits it magnificently and it feels very solid overall.

On the other hand Samsung has not really put their best efforts in designing the S4. S4 has the same Galaxy Signature design as same as the S3, Note, Grand and their other popular products. It looks like they are learning some lessons from Apple but all jokes aside people will really get bored if they don’t change their design in their next product.

I expected a lot of things from the S4 but sadly it didn’t even meet the half of my expectations. They have added a slight texture on the body but that just makes it look worse. HTC has really got the advantage here. They experimented with their phones in design. You can find some very weird looking HTC phones and their new designs are fantastic looking ones. HTC One and One X are fine examples.

Performance comparison

In performance the Galaxy S4 has the upper hand because It has a much bigger processor but more processing means more battery consumption. Of course if you want more battery life and less processing power you can get the Quad Core version of the S4.

The Quad Core version of the S4 and HTC One almost deliver the same performance. A lot of these phone’s processing power is used to run the interface so the stock android version of these phones will be better in both performance and battery life. You can add many performance tweaks (additions) by rooting the phone both of these phones are beautifully engineered and really optimized for high usage. I can definitely recommend the Galaxy S4 if you’re looking for better performance. This absolutely doesn’t mean that the HTC one has poor performance. The HTC one also has great performance but it is not as powerful as the Octa Core Processor.


HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4


Interface Comparison

Lets talk about the interfaces. The Galaxy S4 has the same Touchwiz UI like it’s other products I was really disappointed that they didn’t make a new interface for their much-hyped phone. On the other hand HTC’s sense 4 skin was already the best android extension but they made it even better in the Sense 5. The windows like tile interface shows the live feed of what is going on in your social circle but if you don’t prefer that you can change it to the simple android desktop. People like new things Samsung should learn that. Samsung’s Touchwiz includes the Samsung Apps quite frankly most of them are useless.


Well it is tough to choose which one is better. Of course the best phone is not seen by specifications or designs. The best phone is the one, which suits you the best. So, either buy Galaxy S4 or HTC One if it satisfies you then it is the best phone for you.

Which Phone will you prefer? Which phones do you want to see compared next?

You can tell us by commenting down below.


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