Huawei claims it can do a better job than Apple’s Face ID

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Huawei has recently been very vocal about how its technology is better than other smartphone manufacturers. In fact, it has several times taken digs at smartphone makers through its ads. The Chinese company recently launched Huawei Mate 10 series with AI-powered chips.

Now, Huawei has claimed that its face recognition technology does a better job than the one in iPhone X. Huawei representatives were giving a presentation of Honor V10 when the company shared a glimpse of its depth-sensing camera system as well. Huawei’s depth-sensing camera also used infrared rays and a projector but it captures 300,000 data points. This data set is 10 times bigger than the dataset captured through Face ID in iPhone X.

Like iPhone X, the data set creates a 3D model of the person with this detailed information but the time required for this 3D model creation is 10 sec. Which is way too much time. Huawei has claimed that the system is secure for payments.

Interestingly, Huawei also showed a clone of Animoji that basically did everything Animoji does but additionally, it could tell when you are sticking out the tongue.

Though Huawei gave a sneak preview of all these new technologies yet these were not demoed as a part of a smartphone. So we are not sure which upcoming smartphone will sport these technologies. But this is true that ever since the launch of Face ID feature, Android smartphone manufacturers are now taking this feature seriously and working on coming up with better versions of face recognition features.

Written by TechJuice
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