Huawei confirms launch date of its foldable Mate X 5G in its roadmap

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While Samsung has delayed its foldable phone launch, Huawei seems to be winning the race.

Huawei Mate X is a combo of folding and 5G and it’s going to be released next month. The world’s first 5G capable foldable device that was showcased at the MWC 2019 earlier this year is all set to be launched as early as July. This means that Huawei has beaten the two other top smartphone makers namely Samsung and Apple by providing innovative technologies at the earliest.

There have been speculations that Huawei might also delay the launch of its foldable smartphone. However, at the company’s Global Analyst Conference, 5G device roadmap for 2019 has been revealed. According to this new roadmap, Huawei Mate X will be released sometime during July 2019.

Not only that, but the roadmap also sheds light on an upcoming 5G smartphone, which will be launched later this year somewhere near October. It must be kept in mind that this will be a third 5G-enabled device from the brand after Huawei Mate X and Huawei Mate 20 X which is going to be released around June.

There were rumors that Huawei might also launch a 5G-enabled smartphone in its upcoming Mate 30 series or Nova series. Whereas, in the roadmap, Huawei confirms that the first Huawei wireless CPE will be launched in June this year followed by mobile Wi-Fi router around September.

2019 is the year when most of the high-end phone users would finally have their first foldable device, however, it could still be a long ways off before the “average” consumer could get their hands on them. Also, the first generation of smartphones have always been exciting additions to the technology world but only time will tell how the Galaxy Fold or Mate X will hold up at their official release.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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