Huawei Mate 20 Lite might have an in-display fingerprint sensor, leak reveals

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Roland Quandt, a renowned leaker has tweeted that the Huawei Mate 20 Lite might have an in-display fingerprint sensor. According to his sources. Huawei is planning to launch two variants of the Mate 20 Lite this fall. The phone is codenamed “Sydney” internally, while the two variants are called Sydney M and Sydney I respectively.

Based on the information about the phone’s accessories, Roland speculates that one of the two variants might have a fingerprint sensor placed on the back, just like its predecessor, the Mate 10 Lite. The second variant, thereby, might have an in-display fingerprint sensor, according to Roland.

Huawei is known to produce products to match the needs of almost every segment and in this case, we might see flagship features being placed in a “lite” version once more. Just look at the P20 Series. All the three models of the P20 Series carry the same design, which is a good step in reducing the differentials between the three models and thus eliminate the price sensitivity present in the smartphone.

In this case though, I’m personally very skeptical. An in-display fingerprint sensor has not been adopted by Huawei uptil yet and it seems unlikely that it will make a “Lite” version one of its first phones to have an in-display sensor. The flagship Mate 20 Pro might be expected to have an in-display sensor but to attach this rumor with the Lite variant makes it sound too good to be true, to be honest.

I form my opinion around the fact that the Mate 20 Lite is likely to have an LCD, just like its predecessor the Mate 10 Lite. LCDs don’t support the incorporation of an in-display fingerprint sensor, so this alone eliminates the possibility for the Mate 20 Lite to have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Staying realistic, I think the second variant might have a fingerprint sensor on the chin. This would put the Mate 20 Lite on the same design line as the P20 Pro, which has a fingerprint sensor on the chin as well.

We already know that Huawei’s fingerprint sensors are one of the best in the industry. I noted this while reviewing the P20 Lite as well and personally I expect the Mate 20 Lite’s sensor to improve upon its predecessors by decreasing the time it takes for the sensor to work and unlock the phone. Further rumors are expected to surface as well, stay tuned to TechJuice for updates. The phone is expected to launch in a few months time, with October being the most plausible time considering this was when the Mate 10 series hit the market.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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