Huawei offering financial incentives for businesses to join its app store

Written by Hamza Zakir ·  1 min read >

Huawei is desperate to get as much support for its very own app store, App Gallery, as possible. This has led the company to lure e-businesses with a number of financial incentives, including  new promotion tools, optimized Ads Kit, and a bigger share of the ad revenue to developers as compared to other platforms.

Huawei’s focus on App Gallery is, of course, understandable. In the past, it used to be nothing more than a backup plan in case the US trade ban became a stark reality. Now, however, the Chinese tech giant is relying exclusively on this platform as Google Play Store has taken a backseat in its plans.

Replacing Google’s Play Store is no easy task, and when you don’t have critical apps like Zoom, Slack, and Facebook, there is not much about your platform that is tempting. Yet, Huawei kept working on App Gallery, investing in developer support and finding neat little workarounds for missing apps by offering APK links instead.

The new set of financial incentives, therefore, have been in the works for a very long time as the company looks to step up its commitment to App Gallery.

In a press release, Huawei announced that app owners will receive up to 90% of ad revenue, compared with 70% (this is what Apple gives to its developers). There will be three tiers of packages:

  • Tier 1 is for companies yet to be introduced to AppGallery and HMS,
  • Tier 2 is for apps that are on the store but need deeper integration within the mobile services
  • Tier 3 is for already signed up big names like Bolt Food, department stores, and takeaway portals

According to Huawei, the whole integration kit is pretty simple. It takes 15 minutes to fill an application, a day to receive approval, and three days to completely integrate any app within the HMS universe. There are also promos for those who decide to join – 5 to 10-day free advertising that usually costs up to €250 per day, access to push notifications, and extra positions throughout the App Gallery store.

Now, it remains to be seen what this new development means for App Gallery’s success in a Play Store-dominated world.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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