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This is how social media is reacting on Huawei’s Android license cancellation by Google

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So the day has come which the world’s tech giant might have feared. The Alphabet Inc. Google has just announced that they have suspended business terms with Huawei. Reuters reports that “Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software, and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing.”

The trade war has just begun in other words, the blacklisting of Chinese companies will create a ripple effect. And it’s not just the Google some other big tech giants have also announced that they will not be providing any supplies to the Chinese tech giant; which include Intel and Qualcomm. And it’s not just the Qualcomm that has cut off product supplies to Huawei until further notice some other chip manufacturers including Broadcom and Xilinx have also made a similar move.

Yes, it’s true that Huawei has utilized its very own HiSilicon processor for so many of its own smartphones including HONOR products, but there are still so many of them out there that are powered with Qualcomm chips. And as for Intel, it won’t be supplying any processors for Huawei’s servers and notebooks.

So Google banning Huawei means they won’t be keeping their license but; The Commerce Department is still considering issuing a temporary license to “prevent the interruption of existing network operations and equipment,” reported Reuters citing a spokesperson. In response to this act, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce reacted as “an abuse of national security and unilateral trade sanctions.

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While the United States is on the war with Chinese manufacturers some European countries have decided to break this effort led by the United States. France, UK, and Germany have denied the ban against Huawei as that it won’t be in favor of European countries and they want to generate more employment, expand their business opportunities and also improve the innovation for people.

Regardless of all this high talk, there are some real concerns surfing on social media regarding Android users especially Huawei owners. Because these are the ones that are now clueless about what should be done and what’s gonna happen in the coming days.

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Here are a few reactions worth looking at;

This represents that cutting off with Huawei will put one-third of the world’s GDP at stake. Which is huge.

According to the Huawei representatives they have already prepared for this for quite some time but here they are mentioning the chipset here not the operating system so God knows what happens now.

Huawei has taken the global market space lately which puts them on the second number.

So does this means Chinese were way much ahead of the United States? Maybe yes…

Rest assured that for sure Huawei is a big name, they are capable enough to introduce their own operating system but this act will not only affect Huawei it will affect millions of people around the globe with it.

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Android OS has evolved over the time period of 11 years and it won’t be easy for Huawei to just come up with something as powerful as Andriod.

Android user has also talking some harsh reality with a pinch of sarcasm. and for P30 Pro users this came out of nowhere.

Some are blaming Donald Trump for all this

And some are just relating to the current situation of Huawei users around the globe.

There is still Huawei’s side of the story which needs to be heard before passing any final comment but one thing is sure; the future of Huawei and other Chinese tech giants is at stake.