Huawei to launch a 5G smartphone for $300 soon

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April 24, 2019
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Huawei mulls launching a 5G smartphone for $600 this year and for next year, it will reduce the price to $300, as affirmed by Huawei’s chief marketing officer for wireless marketing, Peter Zhou in a recent interview with the Financial Times.

Zhao said that the Chinese tech giant will be selling 5G phones for $600 in 2019 and for “next year, some people say we may see [5G] smartphones at $300 and I think that’s very much possible.” With this move, the Huawei will be giving cut-throat competition to Apple which has yet to outline its plan for 5G.

Huawei’s chief marketing officer for next-generation networks also affirmed that the phones would not be less profitable product focused at supporting the group’s broader 5G business in telecom equipment. “It will be profitable. And by using 5G, more apps will be coming so people will be using more apps on their smartphones”, he added.

Zhao also revealed that some other Chinese phone makers like Xiaomi are also planning to bring a $600 5G phone to the European markets. However, doing so, they will have to sacrifice the quality of cameras, display, and speed. Meanwhile, Huawei’s product would be a fine amalgamation of quality, design, and processor in a decent price range.

Huawei, which owns the largest slice in telecom equipment manufacturing, last year dethroned the Cupertino giant Apple to become the second-largest smartphone maker. And now Huawei is aiming to beat South Korean phone maker Samsung in its own game.

Huawei’s wireless marketing head also indicated that currently, the smartphone industry is going through a race of affordable phones, not 5G phones. As he stated,

“Not many markets are still growing — there’s Russia, Indonesia, India. The $100-$400 phone is where the real scrap is, in the low to mid-end.”

Where, Huawei Mate X, the company’s first 5G and the foldable phone is already live for sales in various markets, its price tag of over $2,600 is far from reach for consumers.

image — Android Authority

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