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If it rains in the real world, it also rains in Snap Maps

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Snap Maps put your Bitmoji on the map. Now Snapchat’s newest update adds some cool effects to the world where your avatar lives.

The update to the Weather and World effects brings animated weather keeping in view the weather predictions along with holiday themed map looks and also a confetti cannon on birthday of individual Snapchat users.

The updated weather effects will appear as shown in the video on official Snapchat website.

The update makes Snapchat’s location sharing feature more interesting, real and detail oriented. So, now you can find out which friends of yours are enjoying the rain. The tools take location information of the user and add animated details regarding weather forecast to the map. When you zoom in on a specific Bitmoji on the map, you can see the emojis over the Bitmoji’s head.

Snapchat’s Product Designer, Jack Brody told Mashable that the map feels more like the living world that your Bitmoji would desire to live in. Snapchat’s official website states that you can see sun rays when your friend is spending time on a beach. Along with that, you can also witness fireworks on 4th of July.

Snap Maps has given users the chance to experience breaking news and events in real-time such as natural disasters and protests. Users have also experienced entertainment based moments like concerts and popular sporting events.

Written by Ammara Saleem
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