If you’re a teacher, you’ll want to download this app

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A San Francisco based start-up called Remind has released an app that lets teachers send assignments and important notifications to students and their parents. So if you’re a teacher, a working parent or a forgetful one for that matter you’ll want to download this app.

Remind was developed by Brett Kopf in 2009 while he was still a student at Michigan State University. As a dyslexic child he had always felt the need for a program that could help him stay on top of his work. However, breakthrough for Remind came in 2011 when it was remodeled as a communication tool to keep teachers connected with their students. Currently, Remind has about 25 million users, 1.5 million of whom are teachers.

We live in a time where almost everyone is associated with social media, for better or for worse. Parents are always after their kids to get them off Facebook (and its siblings) and make them study for their tests. However, this app will allow students to focus their attention and help them stay on top of their schoolwork. Remind lets teachers post assignments, notifications on upcoming quizzes, random trivia. It’s messaging feature also lets students ask teachers any queries they might have. Likewise for parents.

Like the rest of the world smartphones and apps are popular among the general public in Pakistan as well. However, most people tend to use their phones for updating statuses, tweeting or snapchatting. Most teachers tend to have no contact with their students after school. Some students tend to waste their time and forget about their upcoming submissions. Those who do try are often left struggling and finding solutions to problems themselves without any guidance. Remind is an app that aims to change the way students tend to use their phones, by keeping them connected with their teacher. If you’re a parent who hasn’t allowed a mobile to your kids, no worries! Remind also has a website alternative. I sincerely hope any teachers reading this article will consider using Remind. It’s about time we revolutionize the education culture in Pakistan.

The Remind app is available for Android and iOS.

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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