India Bans Pakistani Web series; ‘Sevak: The Confessions’ From Streaming on Platforms

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The Indian Government has issued an order to ban Pakistan-based OTT Platform Vidly TV after the streaming of the web series “Sevak: The Confessions”, said senior Adviser, of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Kanchan Gupta. The Indian government has banned Pakistani-based Vidly TV`s OTT platform, apps, and social media accounts in India, which has been streaming historical events, the plight of minorities under growing Hindutva menace, and gaining popularity among the Indian population.

The Indian government was informed to block a Pakistan-based OTT platform named ‘Vidly TV’ for broadcasting a web series on the pretext of its contents being against India’s national security and integrity.

The Indian ministry of information and broadcasting also banned the website, two mobile apps, and four social media accounts of Vidly TV by issuing an order using its emergency powers under IT Rules 2021, the leading Indian media outlets reported. An Indian ministry official told the media that the government’s action against Pakistan-based Vidly TV followed the web series “Sevak: The Confessions.”

Kanchan Gupta said in his Twitter posts regarding the ban:

“Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, using emergency powers under IT Rules 2021, has issued directions on December 12, 2022, for the immediate blocking of the website, two mobile apps, four social media accounts, and one smart TV app of Pakistan-based OTT Platform Vidly TV,”

He said Government’s action against Pakistan-based Vidly TV follows the web series “Sevak: The Confessions which was determined to be detrimental to national security, sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, security of the State, and public order in the country.”

“Action against Pakistan-based Vidly TV follows the assessment that the provocative and wholly untrue web series “Sevak” was sponsored by Pakistan’s info ops apparatus. The first of the three episodes was released on November 26, 2022, the anniversary of Pakistani terror attacks on Mumbai in 2008,” 

The OTT channel`s web series showed events like the Babri Mosque demolition in Ayodhya, Operation Blue Star, the Malegaon blast, and the Samjhauta Express blast among others.

Sevak follows a journalist on the run with her informant as she investigates treacherous crimes. Caught in a web of deep subterfuge, they move from clue to clue, finding themselves in the midst of real terror events as they unravel.

With three tracks and eight scintillating stories intertwined with murder, mystery, and espionage, Sevak is based on the ever-present and often potent forces of evil that lurk in society.

Sevak tears down the imposing walls of a traditional thriller and enters the realm of a biopic action thriller. Screen-stealing performances from its main ensemble will keep viewers hooked. The series takes a bold visual approach, building nerve-wracking tension as the fates of several characters hang in balance.

This historical action thriller follows the journey of Vidya, the journalist, on a quest to find out the truth behind the film star Jeet Singh’s death. She is aided by Mannu, a key informant.

Mannu leads Vidya on a path to reveal the dark secrets of Jeet’s death. Vidya unwillingly enters the labyrinth of Mannu’s tales encountering many ghosts of his past. The stories shared by Mannu unravel the horrors of hate, crimes, and atrocities. As the tales are revealed both Vidya and Mannu find themselves in danger for their lives and have to hide from unknown villains.

India banned 59 Chinese mobile applications including the widely-used social media platforms such as TikTok, WeChat, and Helo on the same pretext of national security during past couple of years.

The majority of the apps banned in the June 29 order were red-flagged by intelligence agencies over concerns that they were collecting user data and possibly also sending them “outside”.

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