India fears another “Pakistani spy” and it’s not a pigeon!

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After India accused Pakistan of employing Spy Pigeons earlier in June, it seems our anxious neighbors believe that Pakistan is taking their spying game up a notch. While Pakistan spy agencies are no longer commissioning pigeons for spying services, the Border Security Force (BSF) believe that a moving light is a UAV originating from Pakistan.

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BSF DIG (Rajasthan Frontier) Ravi Gandhi says that Pakistan is making the best use of the available technologies to spy on India. BSF Troops had reportedly spotted a moving light at an elevation of 150-400 meters earlier in April, this light was spotted close to the border in the Pakistani territory.

“We do not know what exactly it was. But assuming them to be some drone or a UAV kind of thing, we took up the matter with Pakistani Rangers through a protest note after which the practice was dropped,” Gandhi said on the matter.

While the presence of a Pakistani UAV over Indian airspace can neither be confirmed nor denied, a moving light could be a number of anomalies, including an optical illusion, caused by the high temperatures shared by our regions.

Source: Free Press Journal