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Instagram starts copying TikTok after Snapchat

Written by AbuBakar ·  1 min read >

Facebook has always tried to cover the whole internet traffic through its owned applications. Therefore either Facebook buys or copies the new trending application or any specific feature.

After copying Snapchat’s story feature, Facebook has started testing TikTok like feature for Instagram. With the new Reels mode on Instagram, users will be able to make 15 seconds long videos similar to TikTok. The Facebook music library will be used for background music by uploading music on it.

The Instagram Reels feature is not advanced as TikTok but it is very much easy to use. Just swipe right on Instagram and there will be Reels mode alongside Boomerang and Super-Zoom. There is another thing that the Reels feature is bringing, after making the video, you can upload it as your status. The status can be set ‘visible to everyone’, ‘only for close friends’ or you can also send it in a private message.

It will appear in reels section for only 24 hours just like story status, when you choose to share it publicly then it will appear in the Top Reels section in Explore.

The feature is only available in Brazil for a test run and will be available for the whole world after successful testing. Keeping in mind all those failed Facebook experiments, we cannot give any surety about its success. For example, Facebook Slingshot, launched in 2014 to compete with Snapchat but eventually resulted in shutting down after one year. Another example is Lasso, Facebook launched this video sharing app back in 2018 but it failed to beat TikTok.

This feature can also be a successful example just like the Story update feature, which gave a tough competition to Snapchat. If this feature impresses the audience it will cost a huge loss to TikTok.