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Systems Limited presents ‘AI SYSCON’ – Future of Predictive AI

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Systems Limited, Pakistan’s premier technology organization, is hosting ‘AI SYSCON’ in collaboration with TECHJUICE. The event is focused on Systems Limited’s future plans for predictive artificial intelligence (AI) in Pakistan.

Predictive AI is an advanced version of artificial intelligence that helps predict the likelihood of future trends. Soon, predictive AI will be able to anticipate your preferences as you shop online, avoid potentially hazardous traffic situations to keep you safe on the road, and even proactively recommend lifestyle changes or treatment for potentially life-threatening illnesses based on your past behavior and medical history.

Businesses have already begun using predictive AI to anticipate demand for their products and services, and to quickly adapt to market volatility. In the past, demand forecasting was inaccurate and expensive, and businesses would either allocate too many resources, which would hurt their profitability, or too few resources, which would result in missed business opportunities. Now that predictive AI has become affordable, businesses can use this revolutionary technology to estimate the number and assortment of resources, employees, products, and services that they need for each store, warehouse, and office for each month, week, or even each day of operations. Predictive AI generates these estimates with a much higher degree of accuracy than even the largest team of humans has ever achieved in the past.

At AI SYSCON, there will be a discussion on how System Limited predicts customer attrition, customer lifetime value (CLV), and customer segments. Attendees will learn about the state of the art in forecasting future sales and demand, and how insights into future market conditions can reduce operating costs and over-expenditure, and help businesses drastically improve customer satisfaction.

Renowned speakers from the field will share their knowledge about predictive AI. Speakers include Muhammad Sufian (BI Architect at Systems Limited), Muhammad Tariq (Chief Data Scientist at Visionet Systems), Habib Ahmad (Head of Data Analytics at Systems Limited), Dr. Saeed ul Hassan (Data Scientist and Founder of ITU Scientometrics Lab) and leading market experts.

The event is scheduled for 22nd November, 2019 from 3 PM to 6 PM at Systems Limited Campus, Lahore. Registrations are now open. In addition to several speeches by different experts, there will be a fun activity and gift hampers the participants.

There are a limited number of seats available, so click here to register now. For further information, visit the event’s official Facebook page.

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