Intel taught 250 drones to fly together and it was breathtaking

Written by Basit Anwar ·  1 min read >

The tech giant, Intel created a spectacular view of a swarm of 250 mini-drones flying together in the air at the CES 2018. These flying drones created an aerial light show in the skies of Las Vegas with the sound of the song “Stargazing” by artist Kygo. These drones were pre-programmed for the aerial music dance show.

This was the first drone light show during the CES 2018. Intel brought an amazing experience for the audience. The flock of 250 Shooting Stars drones lit up over the Fountains of Bellagio. Intel marked the famous place in Las Vegas with its drones light show.

The drone market is rapidly growing in the world. These Shooting Stars are basically self-flying aerial vehicles that use navigation and GPS sensors technology to avoid crashing into each other. The flock of drones flies in the perfect complex formation as they are controlled by an algorithm. This algorithm ensures that each drone keeps its own path and avoids the airspace of the others.

These mini-quadcopters had LEDs that created an impressive aerial light show. This light show looked similar to a firework but it was a lot cooler than that. The Shooting Stars swarm could be controlled by a single operator.

Intel did indeed lit the night sky with the squad of synchronized drones.

This isn’t the first time such performances took place. Last year, Intel showed up with around 300 of its Shooting Star drones. It was the Super Bowl halftime show at the Lady Gaga performance. These drones had LED lights that could shine in one of 4 billion colors. Each of the drones weighted roughly about 300 grams and could fly up to 20 minutes.

The performance of Intel can also be seen twice at 8 pm and 10 pm today at the Fountains of Bellagio.

Image Source: iNews