Intel to Host World Open e-Sports Tournament 2020 in Tokyo

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September 13, 2019
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Intel has announced that it is hosting an e-Sports tournament next year right before the onset of the 2020 Olympic games. With Intel already created a presence in the Olympic 2020 for their 3D athlete tracking, 5G network and a potential drone light show. Hosting an e-Sports tournament will only enhance applause for the American tech giant.

The tournament will feature Street Fighter V and Rocket League, and each has a winning prize of $250,000. The final championship tournament, The World Open, will take place in Tokyo from June 22 to 24 of 2020.

The selection process will pursue the following chronological order:

  • 12 nations will be selected beforehand to form national teams.
  • National qualifiers will start in March to filter out the best players to form teams.
  • Live qualifiers in Poland in June will see off 20 teams competing in a group state qualifier to be filtered down to 7 teams.
  • These 7 teams will battle against each other in Street Fighter V and Rocket League for the $250,000 prize held in The World Open tournament in Tokyo, Japan

Although a lot of people anticipated for e-Sports to be considered an actual sport in the Olympics, however, this was a little far-fetched. It seems e-Sports is heading in the right direction and will be accepted as a complete sport in its own regard.

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