Internet on the go: Enjoy seamless connectivity wherever you are

Avatar Written by Faisal Ashfaq · 2 min read>

As the world evolves, we witness that it’s coming closer and closer due to the global digitization. Physical proximity barely holds any importance as the internet helps us connect with our family, friends, and colleagues wherever you are. Having a fast, uninterrupted and reliable internet connection that is available everywhere and at all times is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity in the present day.

With its rising demand, the technology providing connectivity too is evolving and becoming more accessible, user-friendly and cost-effective. Can you imagine a life today without an internet connection, whether wireless or otherwise? We are dependent on the internet connection as a means to socialize, work and connect with each other. 

Not only that, all the content that we consume and crave whether for educational purposes or infotainment is through the digital world. For this purpose, companies all over the world are striving to come up with various innovative ways to reach out to their customers with many attractive and discounted offers that are pushed instantly through digital platforms. From a premier of an upcoming movie to applying for a university of your choice abroad, the availability of an internet connection makes everything easily accessible. 

In Pakistan, where we have the highest percentage of youth under the age of 26, there is a huge demand for affordable internet packages. Most of the data is consumed by these curious young minds, where they have all the information a click away.

One such groundbreaking product is Mobile Broadband Device (MBB) that has been instrumental in providing wireless internet making our lives much easier. People are naturally more inclined towards the internet on the go, rather than being restricted to one place. Amongst other things, using the MBB device helps you have the luxury of being connected and thus enabling you to work, play and enjoy everywhere. 

As far as the telecom sector in Pakistan is concerned, we have seen momentous growth in the adoption of this innovative technology, as consumers have numerous wireless internet options available. Some of the leading brands include PTCL, Jazz, Zong, and Telenor who compete with each other to provide the users with the best possible offers, making the choice hard for them. 

It’s true! With so many attractive options available, sometimes it can be confusing to select an internet package that would be the best in the long run. So let us make it easier for you as we provide you with a comprehensive comparative analysis.



The table above gives you a complete picture of what each service provider is offering and we observe that prices are extremely competitive where internet volume is less. We can see that PTCL comes out as the most cost-effective as far as an unlimited offer (150 GBs) is concerned with Rs. 1,999/-  whereas, Telenor is charging Rs. 3,800/-, Zong is charging Rs. 2,987/- and Jazz is charging Rs. 2,500/-.

As compared to other operators, PTCL’s data volume does not contain a late-night-offering like Jazz packages (Rs. 1,500/- for 60 GB), whereas customers can only use 30 GB out of the 60 GB advertised during late hours (1 AM onwards). However, PTCL stands out in comparison as it provides unlimited volume 24/7.

It is also pertinent to mention here that PTCL is offering consumers with lesser charges on their MBB device that is Rs. 2,500/- which is great value for money. Amongst the competitors, the PTCL CharJi device has a battery time of 2,800 mAh thus providing the most usage time. 

In the end, we have come to the conclusion that PTCL has the most affordable device, with the best battery time and internet package that gives value for money, along with 24/7 availability. To top it all, customers who recharge their package within 30 days will be able to carry forward their remaining volume. 

Enjoy seamless connectivity wherever you are with these portable devices. Each brand now gives you a promising offer that you can avail of and enjoy as per your preference.

Happy internet surfing!