iPhone 12 has been a hit so far for this one surprising reason

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Apple never ceases to amaze the world. It is no secret that the iPhone 12 arrived in this world with its fair share of flaws. In fact, we even gave you four reasons why you shouldn’t bother buying one. And yet, here we are, in a world in which the iPhone 12 has been nothing short of a hit so far. According to a survey conducted by Wave7 Research and Counterpoint Research, Apple’s latest flagship series is selling hard and fast in US carrier stores!

The survey reveals that 62% of store reps in the US say that interest in the iPhone 12 is far stronger than it was in the iPhone 11 a year ago. 43% go on to say that sales are higher as compared to the 2019 launch, and only 30% say that early sales are down compared to 2019. Since the study was conducted towards the end of October, it is only accounting for two iPhone models: the 12 and the 12 Pro. The 12 mini and Pro Max were launched this past Friday.

Let’s take a look at how Apple fared in each of the three main cellular carrier services. The Cupertino giant witnessed its market share jump to six percentage points at Verizon, four at T-Mobile, and 14 at AT&T month over month.

According to the Wave7 study, the more affordable iPhone 12 has been a bigger hit so far than the iPhone 12 Pro. For instance, at Verizon, 27% of the phones sold in October were iPhone 12 models, while only a measly 11% were iPhone 12 Pro models.

The biggest result from the survey, however, is the reason why the iPhone 12 has been such a huge hit. What was it that compelled consumers to buy it with such enthusiasm? The answer might surprise you: 5G.

Yes, despite the vast majority of tech media and experts insisting that 5G availability wasn’t exactly going to make a difference for Apple’s iPhone 12 sales, the exact opposite ended up happening. In fact, 81% of store reps surveyed say that 5G has been a “major factor” in the iPhone 12’s early sales!

It will be fascinating to see how the first batch of iPhone 12 users react to the device and its associated services. Will they feel like they made a mistake investing in a device purely because of 5G connectivity? Or will their enthusiasm  successfully ride the wave and carry on throughout the remainder of the year? Only time will tell.


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