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iPhone 16 May Not Have Any Port At All; Says Analyst

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
iPhone 16 may no have a charging port
With the European Union forcing all mobile phone companies to have a USB-C port, having no port might prove to be a great strategy for iPhone

Just recently the European Union assembly passed a law that required all phone companies to use a USB-C port. The passing of this law was bad news for the iPhone, which has always created its own ports. With no other choice, experts believe that Apple’s iPhone 16 may not have a port at all.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg analyst and Apple tipster said that the USB-C law will not affect Apple in the long term. He said that while Apple will have to equip the iPhone 15 with a Type-C port, the company will soon work around “as Apple eventually plans to go completely wireless”.

This means is that users can expect iPhone 15 to have a USB-C cable and we might see it getting charged with android chargers. The iPhone 16 however will be different since it will have no port thus no law will apply to it.

But the iPhone is not the only Apple product that uses a charger right? There are many including the Airpods Pro, Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. Gurman believes that alongside the iPhone, these devices will also jump towards wireless charging. The future versions of the iPad are also expected to be built using wireless technology thus making wireless charging a prominent feature in Apple’s product catalog.

Wireless charging is a great loophole for Apple since the EU law specifically exempts devices that use wireless charging. While the law might sound like a threat to Apple, it aligns with the goal of a wireless future.


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