iPhone X units from the first batch are out but getting one will still be very difficult

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Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple-branded smartphones, has started shipping the first ever iPhone X units.

A recent report from a China-based news outlet has brought forward that Foxconn Electronics, the manufacturer company behind Apple iPhones, has already started distributing iPhone X units from the first batch. As much as 46,500 iPhone X smartphones are being sent to the company’s warehouses and stores in Middle – East and in Europe. The smartphones were sent out from the company’s factories situated in the Chinese cities of Zhengzhou and Shanghai.

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There already have been numerous reports previously stating that the company was facing difficulty in producing iPhone X on a mass scale. According to a report, Foxconn was forced to increase the production rate from 100,000 units a week to 400,000 units, in order to meet the market demands. The iPhone 8 smartphones are already being shipped while Apple has said that iPhone X won’t be available for preorders until October 27. Although iPhone X smartphones would be available from November 3rd, getting hands on one unit might still be very difficult because of limited initial stock.

One of the biggest hurdles which has stalled the production rate of iPhone X smartphones to this degree appears to be the new and exclusive features, Apple is putting on the smartphone. The TrueDepth Camera which the company has mounted to the smartphone’s front is one such feature. The iPhone X Price in Pakistan will be around PKR 120,000

News — Via MacRumors

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