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Islamabad based startup called Shopsy introduces voice search for its customers

Written by Usman Aslam ·  1 min read >

A Pakistani e-commerce startup operating in Islamabad called has integrated a voice search on their platform to help customers navigate through the products.

With the rise of technological trends, different sectors of the industry such as healthcare, commerce, lifestyle, etc. are meeting further improvements through different innovations. Similarly, Shopsy has changed the way customers search and purchase products as customers can also use the voice search option to get products delivered to their locations.

According to Shopsy CEO, Usama Arjumad:

“At Shopsy, one of the problems we are working on solving is how to enable over 80 million tech-savvy Pakistanis to quickly and easily search for products. Our pursuit of a frictionless experience led us to explore something that is very natural to us all, use our voices.”

This development is also a huge leap in terms of accessibility as people with impaired vision can also purchase goods without requiring any assistance.

Moreover, according to Usama, a seamless user experience through voice search would enable more Pakistanis to shift to online shopping. However, this is not new as many countries are shifting to voice search due to the ease of access it brings. According to Google, India has seen a tremendous increase in voice search queries by nearly 270% per year. It can be expected that Pakistan’s industry sectors will similarly switch to voice-based operations.

According to one of the Heads at Shopsy:
“Although our platform can partly understand Urdu language, we hope to introduce a fully native Urdu language support in the future for users.”

This feature is currently limited to the Google Chrome browser on both desktop and Android devices. However, a release of this feature on all platforms is expected soon.

Source: Tribune

Written by Usman Aslam
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