Khareed Chosen to Participate in Silicon Valley

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September 18, 2019
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019: Khareed was chosen as one of the 8 international startups to participate in the Founder’s Embassy accelerator program in San Fransisco that took place in June 2019. It is the first and only Pakistani startup that has made it to the list.

Founders Embassy is the first of its kind. It is the only accelerator in the world that has been designed solely for the purpose of inducting international as well as immigrant entrepreneurs to enter the Silicon Valley ecosystem. It gives these startups a boost through its bootcamps, events and thought leadership which enables them to keep the startups afloat and successful.

Khareed was founded in 2015 by Haroon Sethi; formerly a Yale alum and McKinsey consultant. Khareed uses a very simple model of e-procurement and B2B marketplace. The idea behind it was to create transparency between the channels of producer and buyer, where usually a middleman tries to exploit both sides (the producer and the seller). It is the first e-procurement software, and B2B Marketplace in Pakistan. Today, the service provided by Khareed is used by the biggest names in Pakistan for a variety of products – Interwood, PEL, MCB and DG Cement.

While Khareed has plans to expand its operations regionally, it is gaining worldwide attention through the Founder’s Embassy. They promise professionalism and streamlining of all operations, especially for startups and new businesses.

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