KPK Right to Information website hacked by Indians

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The website of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information (RTI) has been allegedly hacked by Indian hackers.

The cyber-attack came right after a couple of days when Pakistani hacker group “Alone Injector” defaced Indian National Security Guard website.

kpk hacked
KPK RTI Commission ensures transparency and access to information. The hacked website displayed Indian flag and a message in the Hindi language. Only some parts of it could be translated, which stated,

“Don’t India, Pakisthan [Pakistan] for Sale, Indian power,”

The KPK’s Information Technology department has been working to recover the web portal and the site is currently displaying “Under Maintenance” message.

Pakistani hackers defaced India’s NSG website some days ago and targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an abusive message and an image of Indian Police thrashing Kashmiris, accompanied by a statement that reads “Free Kashmir”.

Pak-India Hack War

This hack war between Pakistan and India is going on for a long time now. Recently, the servers of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) were hacked by anonymous hackers, with a message that read “Pakistan Jindabad”. Also in December 2016, a hacker group targeted the Twitter handle of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. In October 2016, during all surgical strike hype, Pakistani hackers hacked into Indian planes and forced them to listen “Dil Dil Pakistan”. Indian hackers also retaliated by first hacking Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) website and now KPK’s RTI web portal.

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