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KPK passes a resolution for Facebook Monetization to enable earnings for 5 million content creators

Written by Ahsan Zafeer ·  55 sec read >
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has shown tremendous progress in regard to IT development. With the establishment of a tech city, Bitcoin farms, and cryptocurrency legislation, it could very well be on its way to becoming Pakistan’s silicon valley, leaving other provinces far behind.
In yet another move that exhibits the province’s undeterred resolve to lead IT development in the country, the KPK assembly on Monday unanimously passed a resolution to demand the federal government to take measures towards turning Facebook monetization on in Pakistan.

The resolution was put forth by the former Advisor on IT to the CM, Zia Ullah Bangash. In a tweet, Zia Ulla Bangash said that “Approximately 5 million Facebook users in Pakistan especially the youth can benefit from the positive use of Facebook and earn money.”

The resolution stated that, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, social media’s importance has further increased in the wake of rising unemployment, with the youth increasingly spending more time on social networks. However, even though Pakistanis are earning from YouTube monetization, Facebook monetization hasn’t yet been opened. According to the resolution, Facebook monetization could enable at least 5 million Pakistani content creators to earn from the platform.

“The speaker National Assembly has met Facebook representatives to discuss the matter and take necessary measures in that regard, and now the KPK assembly requests the federal government to take up the matter further and do the needful so that the Pakistani youth can realize Facebook’s potential to the maximum and earn from it too,” the resolution read.
Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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