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Airschool brings to you a new live, cohort based course with regards to raising funding for startups. This will help individuals who are already running startups but need guidance with raising funds. It will be taught live by Omar Parvez Khan, Venture Partner, High Output Ventures and classes will commence 13th June, 2021.

Enrollments for live course Funded: The Insider’s Playbook on Raising Venture Capital have commenced on Airschool. This is a cohort-based course spread over 6 weeks and will be taught live to a classroom of no more than 25 learners. For those struggling to secure funds for their startups or who are embarking on the fundraising journey, they have a great opportunity to learn from Omar Parvez Khan, highly regarded in the Pakistan venture capital and startup scene. 

Omar has worked with hundreds of founders as a VC, fundraising consultant and a mentor who have gone on to raise millions of dollars for their startups. 

About the course

Venture capital is financing provided by investors to small businesses and startup companies that have potential to grow in the long-term. It is by no means an easy feat, and can be quite frustrating for innovators in the startup community. While a small portion of companies get by with bootstrapping, most require initial investment in order to grow and expand operations in the short run. And in order to secure that initial capital, one needs to have skills raising funds. 

The course, Funded: The Insider’s Playbook on Raising Venture Capital, on Airschool is just the answer to that. The instructor, himself, is a venture capitalist. His insight of both sides of the coin allows him to be just the right man to teach a course like this one. In his effort to pass his knowledge on to the next generation of innovators and disruptors, he has split the course into a series of sessions that explore the ins and outs of the world of venture capital, equipping fundraisers with the knowledge to win while playing by its rules. 

The course, mainly, aims to cover the following:
Explore what sorts of companies venture capitalists want to invest in and how to develop the right mindset to get investors interested in your idea.

  1. Learn how to transform your investor pitch and capture the investors’ attention in a way they get on board and excited about your business. 
  2. See how startups are valued and determine a blueprint for your company by mapping out a valuation you can justify.
  3. Go into great detail about the kind of documentation required in the fundraising process. Afterall, it’s not all about gathering investment interest. Term Sheets, Definitive Agreements, SAFEs, Convertible Notes, discover them all. 
  4. And lastly, learn how to structure your fundraising process efficiently. You’ll be looking at data rooms, investor questionnaires and checklists, follow-ups, and even creating FOMO (fear of missing out) and time-boxing the round. 

Learners should be at an intermediate learning level i.e. having some basic knowledge of the fundraising process. Those interested can enroll for Funded: The Insider’s Playbook on Raising Venture Capital, here. 

About the instructor 

As mentioned earlier on, Omar Parvez Khan has worked with hundreds of founders and led them to work on their eventual success. Some of his recent successes include Irfan Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Baby Planet – Pakistan’s largest online store for babies, kids and maternity products. He was part of a previous cohort of the program and commended Omar’s efforts, 

“After working with Omar, I realized there were gaps in how I approached fundraising and pitching to investors. Now I know exactly how the process works and have seen great results”.

Before becoming a Venture Partner at High Output Ventures (HOV), he worked in a number of startups as a fundraising consultant and vCFO. He also joined Lakson Investments Venture Capital as part of the founding team. Suffice to say, he knows his craft.

How to enroll

The course will be 6 weeks long with one class each Sunday at 12:00 PM (Karachi/Tashkent time). It will be delivered LIVE and in the English language. Seats are super limited, capped at 25 and half the seats have already been purchased. So enroll in this course if you fit the profile and do it quickly! Last date to enroll is 13th June, 2021 11:59AM (Karachi/Tashkent time)

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