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Learn Python for free and create your own websites or games

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We have covered a variety of courses from helping you build your own startup to learning to promote it through Digital Marketing and lots more. The point of highlighting the courses is to help you learn skills for free and in the shortest time period, whereas you will also have developed your first software product. Equal focus on theoretical and experimental knowledge.

We’ll now move on to the programming. Python is a high level programming language introduced in 1991 but till date it remains an essential part of software being used in the world. From complex websites to games, Python in coordination with other languages, plays a crucial role in making the web what it is today. And it is incredibly simple to start with.

The two courses listed below can help you create your own website or your first game, feel free to choose which one you like:

1. Create your own movie trailer website

This starter course on Python will help you create your own movie trailer website by helping you understand classes, scenarios and the different modules involved in Python. Alongside creating your own website, you will also create two simple but extremely helpful programs. One is a Profanity filter which can help exclude abusive words from your email if you have accidentally typed them in. And the other is a reminders software, it will help you take occasional breaks during your work hours so you don’t stress yourself too much. Register for the course here.

2. Create your own snake game

This course from Udemy will teach you to create your first game under 2 hours. That is the simplicity of Python but you have a working product as the result. You will learn to create variables, loops, directions and how to create graphics for your game. These topics are essential for every programming language and as a game developer, you must have know-how regarding this. So not only you are creating your own game but also learning the basics of game development. It’s a two in one deal. Register for the course here.

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