Less than 50% people know which iPhone model they are using, survey

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According to a recent survey conducted by Decluttr, less than 50% people in America know which iPhone model they are currently using. There are also a number of interesting stats in that survey such as the fact that less than 40% people know that their Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 and S9 support wireless charging. This survey gives a huge insight that many people just prefer to go for popular brand phones rather than carefully selecting one through specifications and review analysis.

As per the survey in which Declutter spoke to 2,000 people in various age groups, 31% people are mostly forced to upgrade their phones because their previous one is broken. On average, 43% people have spent $500 or more to purchase their new phone which shows that they are interested in the higher mid-range section of smartphones. The satisfaction rate is also very high too, around 86% people feel that the price of the phone they bought was justified.

Just over half of iPhone XS, XS Max and X owners know that their phone is water resistant, another stat highlighting that people make almost blind purchases. Only 6% people in the survey said they owned refurbished phones but they said they could save upto $399 if they started buying them. The survey also noted that there is a general misconception amongst the mass public regarding refurbished phones and many are skeptical regarding their purchase.

The survey also shows that majority are using Samsung and Apple, there was no mention of other smartphone brands at all. It’s another indicator of the superiority of both countries in the region as well as throughout the world which was being challenged by Huawei. However with Huawei’s ban, Apple and Samsung have a complete monopoly in the USA.

What are your thoughts regarding this survey? Do you know which iPhone you are using?

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