LG develops the world’s smallest Bluetooth module

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The Innotek department at LG is rightly known as one of the most innovative technological departments in the world. In fact, its patents have been responsible for the camera modules available on various iPhone 11s. And now, according to a Korean media report, Innotek has taken further strides along the path of innovation by developing the world’s smallest Bluetooth module.

The report states that the Bluetooth module developed by LG is the size of a grain of rice. That size makes it a very useful component of future wireless Bluetooth earphones, smart bands, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Given Apple’s partnership with LG Innotek, it is likely that we can expect to find this module in future AirPods.

Innotek’s Bluetooth module is an incredible 4mm and 6mm in length and width respectively. That means that it is three-fourths the size of the smallest Japanese Bluetooth modules available. Thanks to a wonderful bit of high-precision engineering and design, the module comprises around 20 components, including a communication chip, resistor, and an inductor.

Despite being the world’s smallest module, its performance doesn’t appear to have been compromised. In fact, the report also states that it is 30% better in terms of performance as compared to current modules. While standard Bluetooth modules suffer from frequent disconnection when obstacles get in the way, Innotek’s module is resilient and able to communicate data without any issues.

Furthermore, LG provided the module with its own antenna-integrated technology. This piece of innovation allows the Bluetooth antenna to be hidden within the module and improve telecommunications performance by maximizing the antenna area.

Apple’s AirPods Pro appear to be among the first devices to benefit from the invention of this Bluetooth module. However, we can expect it to find its way into a future Apple Watch as well.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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