LG is working on upgraded ‘V30s’ model with AI-powered camera and more storage

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Back in December, LG V30 and V30+ finally got Android Oreo and now, it seems there is more in regard to this particular flagship. As reportedly, LG Electronics is in works on an updated model of LG V30 that will feature more storage than its predecessors and would be equipped with a new camera powered by ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

Words on the street are the LG will announce the new model – being called as ‘V30s’, at the coming MWC (Mobile World Congress). The phone wouldn’t be much different from the existing flagships in terms of its design.

However, it will offer 256GB of built-in storage and a MicroSD slot for the further expansion. This would surely be an upgrade from the 64GB of LG V30 and 128GB of LG V30+.

Moving on, the AI-powered camera would reportedly work with an ‘LG Lens’ functionality that is actually similar to Pixel 2’s Google Lens and Bixby Vision on Samsung’s Galaxy S8. LG Lens is believed to recognize objects in the pictures and offer relevant results like online purchasing links or other suggestions depending on the object. Users will also be able to perform bar and QR code scanning. Moreover, a translation feature is rumored as well.

It will be interesting to see that how much more of the assistance LG Lens will provide as compared to Google and Samsung, noting that LG is already late in the game of AI-powered cameras.

As of yet, it is unknown that what other updates V30s would get – if it gets more. The new model will reportedly go on sale in South Korea in early next month.

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