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LG’s latest HomeChat service lets owners interact with home appliances

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh ·  1 min read >

LG’s new interesting service HomeChat lets consumers communicate with its latest range of smart home appliances including refrigerators, washing machines and light-wave ovens. Announced last year, the smart technology was launched today in South Korea. It works in such a way that with the help of smartphone and a messenger app Line, owners can access and monitor these set of smart machines miles away.


How does it work?

The HomeChat system rely on a Natural Language Process (NLP) using which the owner of LG appliance can send natural-language commands to chat with washing machines or fridges.
The refrigerator is embedded with a camera and WiFi connectivity that captures and sends images of the things stored in it. So, when the owner is out for shopping and wishes to see the groceries need to be purchased. The images send by the smart refrigerator will help avoiding the stuff available at home. Whereas, the oven is integrated with NFC and WiFi link that also includes recipe suggestions to pre set it up on commands of user, when the owner is outside or on the way to home. The washing machine can be activated and controlled to get the laundry work done before the owner arrives home with a quick message from Line.
There are unique modes to make the chat more personal and convenient by switching to commonly-used features with a click of a button. When you’re on Vacation or Returning home, these modes will do the specific job ensuring the security of your home and appliances.

To make the experience more personal and user-friendly Line added stickers can be used in these fun Chats. On the whole, the owners will have a feeling as if they’re communicating with a close friend. Who knows? they might end up partnering with any one of the smart appliance. Quirky!
Well, we wish to see this technology to expand on market level. LG said, they will introduce these chatty appliances in other countries, on the list the US comes first. However, the time-frame is not confirmed when the appliances will be available in all countries. The smart realm is rising in scope so, which of the appliance would you like to include to your smart family?

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh
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