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Local helicopter producers to assist KP government in Aircraft production

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  48 sec read >

A local Peshawar citizen made an ultralight helicopter in his back yard along with his brother, is going to manage a provincial project of building aircraft. Theses ultralight aircraft would serve for various purposes like tourism and rescue, etc
Last year a former air force employee residing in the Landi Arbab area of Peshawar gained massive popularity after his video went viral on social media. In the video, he was building a helicopter from scavenged and repurpose spare parts. The provincial government has nominated him as research and development coordinator for regional aircraft and helicopter production.

The Chief Minister of Science and Information and the Advisor to Prime Minister Zia Bangash said on Monday that engineers, scientists, and researchers of the province would be facilitated in creating indigenous solutions.

Zia disclosed the information during a meeting with local researchers.

According to Zia, the 60 years old Sajjad has been working for four decades in the field. He had built and had crafted lightweight aircraft and helicopters with the help of his nephew and brother. Sajjad not only made the helicopters, but he had also demonstrated their viability through test flights.

The Advisor said that the KP government is going to facilitate Sajjad with every possible support when it comes to the establishment of the research workshop along with assistance in coordination with international and domestic companies.