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Locally buy iPhone in Pakistan Vs How much it costs to Import an iPhone 14

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As we all know due to the increase in dollar rates, import taxes in Pakistan are sky-high at the moment. Whether we talk about to import an automobile, laptops, electronic appliances, smart phones or any other items. Due to the high import taxes smartphones prices in Pakistan are getting worse day by day. Undoubtedly, we are at a point where a mobile phone can cost more than double than it’s actual price in Pakistan.

As we all know Apple’s new iPhone arrived in Pakistan this month, and the local price tags are as high as anyone would expect.

For example, a basic iPhone 14 costs $799 in United states which is around 192,434/- Pkr current price.However, purchasing a 128 GB iPhone 14 in Pakistan costs around 381,999/- Pkr on Telemart and other online purchasing platforms.

If we think , how much does it cost to import an iPhone at your own? Is it more economical than buying a phone locally?.Now we can easily identify the answers as we have official figures on import taxes from FBR.

Here you can check import taxes on mobile phones from the leaked document of FBR

Note the abbreviations: Regulatory Duty = RD, Sales Tax = ST, Withholding Tax = WHT and Mobile Levy = ML

RD (pkr/-)ST(pkr/-)WHT(pkr/-)ML(pkr/-)
Up to $30 300200100100
$30 to $100 3,000200100200
$100 to $2007,5001,680930600
$200 to $35011,00017%of base USD value9701800
$350 to $50015,00017% of base USD value5,0004,000
$500 to $70022,00017% of base USD value11,5008,000
Above $70022,00017%of base USD value 11,50016,000

According to the above-mentioned figures, importing a 128GB iPhone 14 should cost about 274,541 pkr/-.Here you can check the breakdown:

Starts from: (RD) Rs. 22,000 + ST (17% of 192,343 = Rs. 32,698) + WHT (Rs. 11,500) + ML (Rs. 16,000) + phone value ($799 = Rs. 192,343). All of these figures add up to Rs. 274,541, which is more than Rs. 100,000 lower than the local price.

For your ease, here we are presenting a price comparison of all iPhone 14 models.

Price comparison of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus:

ModelImportLocal purchase
128 GB iPhone 14Rs 274,541/-Rs 381,999/-
256 GB iPhone 14Rs 302,707/-Rs 404,999/-
512GB iPhone 14 Rs. 359,037Rs. 454,999
128 GB iPhone 14 PlusRs. 302,707Rs. 499,999
256 GB iPhone 14 PlusRs. 330,872Rs. 529,999
512 GB iPhone 14 PlusRs. 387,203Rs. 569,999

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

ModelImportLocal Purchase

128 GB iPhone 14 Pro

Rs. 330,872Rs. 464,999
256 GB iPhone 14 ProRs. 359,037Rs. 479,999
512 GB iPhone 14 ProRs. 415,368Rs. 549,999
1 TB iPhone 14 ProRs. 471,699Rs. 609,999
128 GB iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 359,037Rs. 539,999
256 GB iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 387,203Rs. 569,999
512 GB iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 443,534Rs. 609,999
1 TB iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 499,865Rs. 669,999

This price data have been from the US models, therefore phones imported from countries other than Pakistan may have slightly different rates. Moreover, it is important to declare that paying these taxes will automatically grant PTA’s approval, so you will not be liable to pay any extra fee for it.

The above-mentioned prices are the final prices of the handsets. You may have to pay shopping charges depending on the retailer, or you can ask someone to bring them for you from any other country.

Moreover: if an iPhone is brought as personal baggage, you will not have to pay withholding taxes for it.

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