LocPro: Your phone just got smarter!

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  1 min read >

Hope you all have been well. With a long weekend coming up, The AppJuice has found just the right application for your to try over the holidays. We are talking about LocPro, a location based application that gives you a new dimension in phone control.

Here is what happens: you hand your phone to a colleague to show them a great photo that you just took and they inadvertently start swiping to other pictures. Usually you’re sitting there, protesting but to no avail. They end up finding a bad picture and we all know what happens next: giggles and jokes. The smarter people actually figured out a way around this. They now use applications which hide certain pictures. While these applications adequately serve the purpose, they are something of a hassle. Hidden pictures need to be accessed by passwords even when you’re at home. With LocPro, you get rid of the problem efficiently.

Using your phone’s location, LocPro primarily gives you two main controls. It allows you to lock pictures based on your location. Let’s say your phone detects you are at your office and you have added your personal pictures in the hide section. Viola: your overtly-curious colleague will get his/her hands on your phone only to be disappointed because he/she won’t be able to view it.  However when you reach home, these pictures will no longer be “hidden”. Smart idea, right? We thought so too!

Another cool feature of this application is the fact that it lets you set location based reminders. Let’s say you wanted to meet a person the next time you were in some location. With this application you could easily set a reminder so that when you are in the vicinity, the app automatically generates a reminder.

What this application does is make your phone smarter. Technology used in ways like this adds an extra dimension of control for the user and attempts to simplify life. LocPro only launched in the Google Store a few days back. The brains behind the application, the team called Virtual Proz hails from Punjab University, ICT Department. The application still needs polishing and further updates to ensure that it is completely bug-free but we believe these young guys from Pakistan have a good application and their effort needs appreciation. What’s more:  the team has a few more cool ideas that they will be adding to the application soon.  These will include contact and app management locking based on location (imagine locking Candy Crush when you visit that annoying cousin’s house!). What do you think of this application? Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments below!


Written by Qurat Zafar
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