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Wordy! The upcoming anagram sensation by Data Arc

Written by Ezaaz Waseem ·  1 min read >

Official review by The AppJuice

Addictive, if we call it, won’t be an exaggeration. The new Android app Wordy is truly an epic in anagrams ever launched. Time and again we notice that unique concept has started fading off on Play Store. However, Data Arc Solution has proven us wrong. Wordy is a fresh idea in a genre that has scores of apps already launched on all the existing platforms and gadgets.

If trying this new sensation is on your mind then it is just a few days wait away. Wordy’s beta version hits the Play Store this Monday.


The app has an attractive interface and comes with all the new features. One doesn’t have to make a word out of random alphabets. It has a twist. Well that might not be easy to understand but once you do, it never makes you stop playing it for hours.

However, that is not the end of it. The most interesting part is its fantastic multi-player options. You want to play with a friend from contacts, friends on Facebook, Random opponents or if not any of these just against a computer it has all of it. This is the first time that an app has got so many options for you to choose from.

With a history of successful apps for more than one category this one is bound to be a success story the moment it gets to android users. As per the official review of the app you can trust it to be a bigger success than gMaps on Windows phone. Data Arc Solution and Ibtesam Sharif once again rock the show with new surprises.

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Written by Ezaaz Waseem
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